Braddock/ Walney and Route 28 Intersection
The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), in consultation with Fairfax County, recently completed traffic studies and evaluations of possible solutions to address traffic congestion and safety concerns at this intersection. After seeking and obtaining feedback from local residents and the public, VDOT has now obtained the funding necessary to implement the improvements to the intersection shown in the map below, as well as similar improvements to the two signalized intersections associated with the I-66 and Route 28 Interchange.

To view the public presentation and specific information regarding these improvements, please click here.

Planned Improvements: Convert Braddock Road to a right-in/right-out only to southbound Route 28; convert Walney Road to a right-in/right-out only to northbount Route 28; maintain dual left turns to Braddock Road from northbound Route 28.

Construction Started: Weekend of May 4, 2007
Construction Completed: Summer 2007